Experience the wonder, beauty and thrills of Antarctica on a scenic flight

Taking you from Australia to Antarctica and back in a single day!

With our scenic Antarctica flights from Australia, you can marvel at the beauty of the great white continent, its floating icebergs and iconic landmarks, all without the time commitment or hassle of international travel. Seeing Antarctica from above, as you travel aboard a luxury Qantas aircraft, helps you appreciate the sheer size and grandeur of the vast Antarctic continent unlike a ship-based expedition and is ideal for those short on time.

On your Antarctic flight journey, travel around 9,500-13,500 km round trip, depending on your departure city. The excitement starts from the moment you step on board, with our team of Chimu Adventures Antarctica experts joining you on the adventure, welcoming you and explaining the landscapes and history of the continent as we fly. Over the years, Chimu Adventures has built up one of the largest teams of Antarctica experts within Australia and we’re proud to offer a fun, immersive, and educational flight, whether it’s your first time spotting ice or you’re a seasoned Antarctic veteran.

Your scenic flight will also include fun and educational presentations throughout the day with plenty of opportunities to ask questions from Antarctic researchers, experts, and professional photographers.

After around three hours of flying time south of Australia, the anticipation building, we’ll start to see scattered icebergs and shortly after we’ll reach the continent itself, where, weather permitting, we’ll get to take in the dramatic mountains, glaciers and frozen landscapes of Antarctica. Our expert commentators will point out the incredible landscapes we see, which can include Mount Erebus, Ross Island (home to both Scott and Shackleton’s bases), gigantic ice shelves, rugged mountains, glaciers, and vast, uncharted lands. Be sure to bring your camera and your sense of adventure, as every flight is completely unique.

With 3-4 hours of flying time over the Antarctic continent, we’ll hope to reduce the flying altitude to approximately 20,000 feet, weather permitting, to give incredibly close viewing of some areas. On our South Pole Flight, we’ll spend significantly longer over Antarctica, mostly at cruising altitude, as we aim to reach the South Pole.

As we fly back, swap stories and photos with fellow passengers and enjoy the five-star Qantas hospitality, with meals and bar service included. An Antarctica sightseeing flight is one of the most unique ways to enjoy the continent, whether you’re on a budget, have limited time, or you’re simply yearning for a new and unusual travel experience.

On each departure date, we carefully consider a number of factors, including weather, cloud cover and ice conditions to help provide you with the best viewing experience on the day. Partnering with Qantas, we have 20 different potential flight paths to choose from, all of which have a variety of fascinating landmarks and features to see.

While our Antarctic cruises will get you up close and personal with the continent, these flights will offer you an unbridled appreciation for the sheer vastness of Antarctica, even if you’ve visited before.

We can’t wait to take you on a flight unlike any other—­­the beauty and inspiration of Antarctica await.

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