The beautiful main jetty at Gili Lankanfushi, one of the best resorts in The Maldives, reaches over the blue lagoon between sea and sky. Maldives Luxury.

Gili Lankanfushi Maldives

NEW RELEASE  |  The beautiful main jetty at Gili Lankanfushi, one of the best Maldives Luxury Resorts, reaches over the blue lagoon between sea and sky.

The dwellings out in the lagoon are the Robinson Crusoe Villas, and are only accessible by boat. Gili Lankanfushi also boasts the largest over water villa in the world, called ‘The Private Reserve’. 500 metres from shore, The Private Reserve covers 1,400 sqm and includes 5 connected buildings. I’m not sure if it’s the inner child in me, but the thing that excited me most about the Reserve was the water slide into the ocean….I suppose I’d also be happy with the bathtub built over coral gardens or the made-to-order wine cellar.

I am excited and more than a bit lucky to be part of the ‘Gili’ family. Gili Lankanfushi is the epitome of Maldives Luxury Resorts…I will return as often as is humanly possible.

The soft afterglow of a desert twilight casts a warm, gentle veil over the Joshua Tree landscape. Images of America.

Joshua Tree National Park

NEW RELEASE  |  Joshua Tree National Park is rather an alien kind of place, but is underrated as a photographic location. The contrasting forms of the trees against the thousands of granite outcrops makes for so many interesting composition and lighting choices….such unique images of America.

The park also seems to attract a diverse range of visitors….when searching for a location this particular evening, thinking I was well off the beaten track, I ran into a middle-aged man sitting atop a rocky outcrop, meditating…..naked. Probably the strangest thing was that he looked at me, and didn’t say a word. Finding my way back to the campsite in the dark was equally bizarre. I stumbled on a cave decorated with hundreds of coloured fairy lights, complete with rugs on the floor. There was nobody in the cave but I had a strong feeling that I was being watched, and hightailed it out of there as quickly as I could.

That night I was almost disappointed not to be abducted by aliens.

Our gracious host was Island Hideaway Resort, almost as far North as you can venture in the Maldives. Beautiful Landscape Photography - Panoramic Prints.

Solitude – Far Northern Maldives

NEW RELEASE  |  Our gracious host was Island Hideaway Resort on the island of Dhonakulhi, almost as far North as you can venture in the Maldives.

It was a beautiful, quiet island and slightly more ‘wild’ than many resort islands, in that the villas are all hidden from view, and from each other, in the jungle.

We had casually asked the staff after dinner one evening if they knew of a place that was like a sand island surrounded only by water. Such was the seclusion of the Northern Maldives, we had a feeling that such a request wasn’t too far fetched.  Receiving only small nods and a few smiles from the manager, we were simply asked to meet them at the jetty the next day.

They would not disappoint, and took us to an idyllic sand island in the middle of the ocean not 20 minutes from the resort. There is much to write about in subsequent posts about what happened on that unbelievable day, but in the meantime here is a simple image of a white umbrella on that very special island.

Beyond the umbrella lies India and Sri Lanka, with nothing but the warm, azure Laccadive Sea between.

The Maldives is the essence of paradise, and this stunning resort, Gili Lankanfushi, has been voted the best resort in the Maldives several times over

New Release; ‘Island Refuge’, Maldives

This is the first in a series of tropical images from the Maldives. Woe is me.

The Maldives is the essence of paradise, and this stunning resort, Gili Lankanfushi, has been voted the best resort in the Maldives several times over (and there are over 100 resorts in the country!).

We were greeted warmly and asked to remove our shoes and place them in a bag, under their ‘no shoes, no news’ policy, to be returned at the end of our stay.

I would describe what transpired as blissful utopia, without exaggeration. The service from our ‘man friday’ (or in our case, ‘girl friday’ Momoko), the exotic, fresh food, the glowing water teeming with fish, and of course the photographic opportunities will stay with me for the rest of my life.

The huts you can see out in the water are the ‘Robinson Crusoe’ villas, and can only be accessed by boat.

The resort has an underground wine cellar adjacent to an underground chocolate room. Yes, you read correctly.

I did, however, burn the soles of my feet without my shoes…which only served to remind me I had not died and gone to heaven.

If you ever get the chance…go! I will be back.

‘Island Refuge’ is available as stretched canvas prints, rolled prints and ice mount prints.

Dusk at Kaiteriteri near Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand. Browse images of New Zealand for art for an office or prints for the home. Canvas photos.

Open Edition Release ‘Kaiteriteri’

A cool, calm dusk descends over the bay at Kaiteriteri, near Abel Tasman National Park on the north west coast of New Zealand’s South Island.

The precise origin of the name ‘Kaiteriteri’ from Maori culture is unknown, but all interpretations appear to centre around food and movement.  Perhaps it was the abundance of food in the calm waters that drew people here.  Clear blue water and sheltered bays and islands make for somewhat of a playground for New Zealanders these days, and stunning images of New Zealand for a landscape photographer.

My intention with this photograph is to reflect the contrast of forms…the seemingly immovable landscape with the silky fluid stillness of the waters, and the dynamic morphing of the clouds passing through towards the inland ranges.

Panoramic prints of McLaren Vale South Australia by David Evans are on display in the Angoves Cellar Door. Prints for the home.

New release at McLaren Vale, Angove Cellar Door

A new release open edition photograph of McLaren Vale will soon be on permanent display at the stunning new Angove Cellar Door in McLaren Vale.

The cellar door, on Chalk Hill Road, was recently completed to a very high spec and sits spectacularly within some of Angove’s best vines.

Richard Angove, who commisioned the photograph for the space says, ‘I think this is the best photograph of McLaren Vale I have ever seen!’

Panoramic prints will be available through the cellar door, which will also showcase a 60 inch print of ‘Willunga Glow’.

Panoramic photograph of Miette, Rocky Mountains, Canada in winter. Frozen lake with mountains and spectacular cloud formations. Panoramic prints, online landscape photography gallery, pictures of North America.

International Loupe Awards Medium Format Art Prize Finalist

‘Miette’, Rocky Mountains, Canada has been selected as a finalist in the International Loupe Awards Medium Format Art Prize.

The prize is dedicated to photographs created with medium format cameras, using both film and digital captures.  It is part of The International Loupe Awards, one of the world’s richest photographic competitions.

The top 31 images, including ‘Miette’ were chosen as finalists, and will now tour as an exhibition of large format Epson prints to Sofitel Luxury Hotels in Melbourne, Sydney, The Gold Coast, Brisbane and Hong Kong.

Miette is one of a suite of pictures of North America which will be released in the David Evans online landscape photography gallery over coming months.


Images of Hong Kong, Norway, Stockholm & Rome. Lonely Planet Images. By David Evans, South Australian Travel & Documentary Photographer of the Year 2011.

SA Travel & Documentary Photographer of the Year

Towards the end of 2011, David was fortunate enough to be awarded the South Australian Travel & Documentary Photographer of the Year by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

His folio of winning images were taken in Hong Kong, Norway, Sweden and Italy (L to R) for Lonely Planet Images.

The awards dinner was held in November at The Festival Centre in Adelaide, where he was also named as runner-up South Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year to eventual overall SA Photographer of the Year, Hilary Hann.