David Evans is an Australian Master of Photography who creates photographs of high fidelity, depth and substance.

He started photographing in the 90’s, on the watershed of the golden age of film and the shiny, glittering age of the pixel. David’s philosophy of ‘painting’ with light has kept him happily the old school, maintaining a love of medium and large format film.

Moving with the times however, David now also uses digital capture married with advanced technology for the printing of his photographs. Once a landscape purist, the subjects of David’s work also more frequently include people and culture as his career progresses and his interests evolve. He has also worked successfully as a commercial photographer for more than a decade.

David draws creative inspiration from an uncommon source – he is blessed with synaesthesia, a condition whereby he instinctively and involuntarily associates different colours with such things as letters, numbers, words, days of the week and even people. Often attributed to creatives such as artists and musicians, it allows him to enter a state of flow to see and translate a truly unique perspective of the mind’s eye. David interprets his synaesthesia as an expression of his deepest instinct, and is still learning what it all really means.

A highly awarded photographer, David has won countless titles including the Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year in 2015, and South Australian Professional Photographer of the Year in 2006 and 2009. In 2015, he also received the Ilford Trophy, one of the oldest and most coveted awards in the history of Australian Photography – awarded to the highest scoring photograph overall at the Australian Professional Photography Awards.

David is also a respected photography judge at a national and international level, and is the curator of The Epson International Pano Awards, the world’s largest contest for panoramic photography, and the co-curator of The International Landscape Photographer of the Year. He is also the owner of photographic PR agency PhotoPublicity.com, and dabbles in travel writing – having been published several times.

As a non-photographic aside, David is also on the Sensory Evaluation and Smoke Evaluation Panels at the Australian Wine Research Institute in Adelaide – that is, a part-time paid wine taster. David would rather have his eyes gouged out with a spoon than ever give up this position.

David’s motivation is to remind us that wild, untamed and sublime places are critical elixirs in life – and through travel, nature, art and observation, we find clarity and our true spirit.

Notable achievements;

  • Australian AIPP Landscape Photographer of the Year 2015
  • Highest Scoring Image – Ilford Trophy, Australian Professional Photography Awards 2015
  • Represented Australia at the World Photographic Cup 2016
  • South Australian AIPP Professional Photographer of the Year 2006 & 2009
  • Master of Photography II (Australian Institute of Professional Photography), Accredited Professional Photographer & Licentiate (AIPP)
  • Proudly supported by Epson Australia & Nikon Australia
  • Curator of The EPSON International Pano Awards
  • Co-curator of The International Landscape Photographer of the Year
  • Owner of photographic PR agency PhotoPublicity.com


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