Join me on September 23, 2022 for a really cool thing – I’ll be flying in the comfort of a 787 Dreamliner from Adelaide towards Antarctica…at night!

Many of you would be aware there are Antarctica day flights, but this one is a special overnight flight to see the ‘southern lights’, or Aurora Australis. It’s the first departure from Adelaide of one of these special Aurora Flights.

We’ll be flying to the latitude of the ‘aurora oval’ where we’ll have the best chance to see and photograph this amazing natural phenomenon.

The tour is run by Chimu Adventures and is a chartered Qantas flight.

For more information and prices, see the flight brochure here.

**Book now using THIS LINK, and receive 15% off any seat! The discount is available for all departures, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart and Perth – not just from Adelaide.

ps. I’ll only be on the Adelaide flight, however – assisting guests with photography…but all flights have photographers on board.