Mature and sophisticated composition, beautiful light and, of course, amazing landscapes

Top-flight landscape photography requires a lot of time and patience…Evans has once again shown his ability to cover those bases exceptionally well

A photographic artist with work to sigh over

Stunning collection of photographs

Wonderful photographs – superb landscape photographs

Breathtaking landscapes from around the world

Multi award-winning photographer has taken his passion to a new level

Evans has a great feel for the key element of any great landscape image; light

He travelled the length and breadth of the country to capture the essence of this unique land, and he has succeeded

Just superb – [Evans has] Captured scenes that nobody would see in their lifetime

Your work is nothing short of divine and must have been a pleasure to shoot

I don’t think I’ve seen better than this

[one of] this season’s leading illustrated titles

When he moves into abstract presentation of natural surroundings, the work bounces off the page

Beautiful landscape photography…best I’ve seen!

David Evans wants his landscape photographs to stand out from the crowd

His compositions and angles are superb

I love it. It’s beautiful. Thankyou

The photograph arrived safely and it’s perfect! Thankyou…it’s definitely something I’ll have forever

They’ve arrived! My prints are here and I’m poring over them now. They look fabulous! Thanks again… I’m speechless

I just wanted to thank you again for the photo and let you know that it looked even more spectacular than I had hoped

There are just too many good ones to choose from! I need a bigger house

David is a rarity in the digital age

Pulled me off the street!

Transported me to other places

Thank you for your patience, skills and inspiration

Like a dream!

Wonderful…we can travel just with your photos. Congratulations for your patience and your art

No words to describe

You rock!

Beautiful! You should go to China. The photos have brought peace to my heart

Technique and eye – great!

Fantastic colour, depth and composition. Thanks!

No words for this…great!

I am inspired!

My God! Thank you…Pukehou Church is amazing!

Thank you…passion!

Absolutely fantastic, you leave us breathless

So good I bought it

Breathtaking photos…it was surreal

Amazing quality and professional work

Patience well rewarded

Nobody should have that much talent!

Keep me posted on workshops or if you need a caddy!

Life, a feeling of vibrant life! Absolutely love your work…keep going!

Once again we are both here with our tongues hanging out at the beautiful photos!

What can I say? These photos are spectacular!

Wow. If you pass though Texas on your journeys, let me know and I can point out some places that might interest you and the beer is always cold

Breathtaking is all I can say to describe your work