David Evans is a Lonely Planet travel, landscape and commercial photographer and a Master of Photography who creates photographs of high fidelity, depth and substance

For many years, his philosophy of painting with light to create an image kept him happily the old school, maintaining until recently a preference for medium and large format film.

This is ‘slow photography’…the layering of a series of moments together to create an otherwise un-created and un-recognized image. His images frequently have an ethereal quality, a result of slow film and long shutter speeds ranging from seconds to hours.

Darkness is the canvas. Slowly and carefully the light is allowed to bleed through onto the film…the light received by the camera rather than ‘shot’ or ‘captured’. It is the layering of time.

Moving with the times however, David is now using medium format digital capture to marry with advanced printing technology for the reproduction of his high fidelity recordings.

David’s motivation is to remind us that wild, untamed and sublime places are critical elixirs in life…and through nature, art and observation, we find clarity.

Master of Photography (Australian Institute of Professional Photography)
South Australian AIPP Professional Photographer of the Year 2006 & 2009
Proudly supported by Epson Australia and Pentax Australia
Curator of The EPSON International Pano Awards
Co-curator of The International Landscape Photographer of the Year
Represented by Getty Images/Lonely Planet, Panoramic Images, Trademark Fine Art USA and Great Big Photos USA.

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