Our gracious host was Island Hideaway Resort, almost as far North as you can venture in the Maldives. Beautiful Landscape Photography - Panoramic Prints.

NEW RELEASE  |  Our gracious host was Island Hideaway Resort on the island of Dhonakulhi, almost as far North as you can venture in the Maldives.

It was a beautiful, quiet island and slightly more ‘wild’ than many resort islands, in that the villas are all hidden from view, and from each other, in the jungle.

We had casually asked the staff after dinner one evening if they knew of a place that was like a sand island surrounded only by water. Such was the seclusion of the Northern Maldives, we had a feeling that such a request wasn’t too far fetched.  Receiving only small nods and a few smiles from the manager, we were simply asked to meet them at the jetty the next day.

They would not disappoint, and took us to an idyllic sand island in the middle of the ocean not 20 minutes from the resort. There is much to write about in subsequent posts about what happened on that unbelievable day, but in the meantime here is a simple image of a white umbrella on that very special island.

Beyond the umbrella lies India and Sri Lanka, with nothing but the warm, azure Laccadive Sea between.