The iridescent blue of a frozen waterfall, suspended in this haunting canyon in the cold depth of winter. Jasper National Park.

NEW RELEASE  |  The iridescent blue of a frozen waterfall, suspended in the haunting Maligne Canyon in the cold depth of winter in Jasper National Park.

During the warmer months, the canyon comes alive with water of the liquid variety, flowing down into the Athabasca River and helping to sustain the huge amount of wildlife that resides in the area. Very little was stirring on this day, however, as the temperature hit a maximum of minus 10 degrees celsius. The day before was minus 26! Eh?

There are many things that stand out in Canada….it is big and everything in it is big, it’s eye-wateringly beautiful, it’s people are friendly, and it is cold! There are also a lot of animals that could eat you…at least that’s what Canadians will tell you, and you never can tell if they are joking. Regardless, it is undoubtedly a spiritual place for beautiful landscape photography, and one of the highlights of my travels.